De Bruyne reveals that Man City almost did not practice Man Utd duel.

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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne has revealed they trained just 10 minutes before their win over Manchester United because Pep Guardiola did not know their opponents would play the plan. Where the

army “Blue Sails” just invaded to defeat the antagonist “Red Devils” to the local area 2-0 last week. with superior game images While their opponents are under heavy pressure with their form of play that has begun to cripple under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s leadership

, De Bruyne has recently emerged. Talking about preparing the team before meeting his opponent that

“Usually, before the race day, we practice tactics together. It depends on how the opponent plays,” De Bruyne told the MidMid podcast.

“But before the United game Pep said, ‘We don’t know how they will play. We’ll see each other soon.’ And then we stopped practicing for about 10 minutes.”

“Most of the time, Pep knows how the opponent will play. But this time, he didn’t know at all. At that time he did not know how to do it, “

” We did well as it used to do, but Pepsi did not know in advance that they will be played after 5 people, 4 rear, playing a diamond in the middle. or playing a three-person attacker