“Hakan” said that he tried to spin a corner kick into the door many times

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Hakan Schulz Hanover glucosamine Inter Milan midfielder confirmed his intention to spin shot from a corner kick into the goal after the game, the Raiders won the team AS Roma 3-0 and tried to do this several times

racing age. The 27-year-old had just scored a stunning goal from a corner kick on the left side with a spin from the right that curves through Rui Patricio’s leg, giving the team a 1-0 lead before passing Edin Dzeko’s shot ahead of the team. His will win with a score of 3-0

after the game, referred to as confirming that he intends to score goals from the beginning.

The tactical plan of Mourinho he went to be blessed after a quarter of an hour, with Inter having always managed the game and possession of the ball.

With great quality and tranquility. Inter with the right attitude, Roma no. Inter with more class than the Roma team and unable to close the passing lines of the Inter players,

skilled at starting the game and then developing it with many players, Hakan with the opening of the two central defenders, ‘a la Gasperini’ and Roma has never been able to find the right countermeasures.

“Yes, I intended to score. I was always trying to get a corner kick into the first post. And this time it was a goal,” Calhanoglu said after the game.

“I’m delighted to assist Edin Dzeko as well, we dominated the game. We don’t let competitors do anything. It was a really great performance.”