“Niang Golan” admits there was a problem with the late game about smoke

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Tie Ya Niang Golan midfield line smoke of Antwerp has confirmed that he rejected the chance to return to the national team under the team of Roberto Martinez after the problem of smoke

racing age. The 33-year-old has made 30 appearances for Belgium, including a key figure at Euro 2016 under Marc Wilmots, after Martinez took over. less opportunities and has been cut from the team since 2018.

When asked about the possibility of returning to the national team again, he replied:

“If I wasn’t called up to the national team, it was his fault. Not because of my lifestyle,” said Naing Golan.

“When Wilmots was in charge I had good results at Euro 2016, but after Martinez came in he kicked me out of the national team.”

“He also arrived in Italy. To say that I can’t play in the same position that I can’t play for Roma and he believes I will create a bad atmosphere. Give me a dressing room.”

“The other coaches always accept me for who I am. They let me smoke on the balcony. What’s the problem? We practiced well. My lungs are healthy.”

“I don’t think smoking is anything bad. it helps me relax I smoke to avoid stress.”

“He probably wouldn’t call me on. And even if he called me, he would refuse. According to a report from ufabet.