Tips for solving life problems

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Tips for solving life problems

Whenever you find yourself facing problems in life, work, finances, society, etc., don’t just think of a solution yourself. But study for the knowledge and experience of knowledgeable people or people who have encountered the same problem. because of thinking for oneself will waste time and perhaps even spend a lifetime You may not find an answer. Finding out today is easy with the use of a mobile phone. What’s the problem with life? Don’t be afraid to waste time thinking for yourself. above the sky there is still sky There are many talented people. Who have gone through many life experiences. Who share their knowledge as alms.

problem that can be solved

Some of these types of problems may be cause and effect. The cause of the problem can be solved, it may not affect life as much as
1. Problems that have fixed rules to solve. Like working, academic, studying, these types of problems can be solved.
2. rational problems such as problems with ourselves
– extravagant spending. So there’s no savings. If you stop spending extravagantly You will have money to save.
– If you are with bad people, causing trouble, stop dating and choose to be with good people.
– Is a bad person, temperamental, wayward, angry, bad, no one wants to associate with We have to take care of him to pay attention to us. Bad people, we don’t want to be in a relationship. we behave badly Other people do not want to be with us as well, etc.
3. Problems with housing, environment, work, but some jobs may not be easy. Especially people working in government agencies

Problems that are difficult to resolve or may not be resolved at all

Some of these problems may not be solved at all or are too difficult to cure, although some problems are rational, for example: by UFABET
1. Parental expectations. Or people around you who hope or want to be what you want. This kind of problem is very difficult to solve. Because self-centered people I want that person, this person, to be what you want. Some people still don’t know themselves. I don’t know myself at all or do not have knowledge about it at all But because I like think for yourself that it’s good I want that person to indulge themselves. This kind of problem is very difficult to solve because each person is How many people will be able to do whatever they want, in every regard? or forcing people around Whether directly or indirectly, it will cause problems for both parties.
2. Behavior, bad habits that cause problems for those around you. Or someone close to them, such as jealousy, selfish, jealous, angry, bad-mouthing, this type of person, few people will admit that they have a problem, refuse to fix it, and tend to think side by side. That oneself is good, other people are not good, or think that others will have to change themselves in order to get along with them but will not change himself at all 3. Problems caused by influential,
powerful people. Problems of this kind. Sometimes it’s hard to fix. It may only occur in certain situations.
4. Problems found in society. and environment caused by bad people in society or the environment is destroyed For example, the problem of toxic fumes from cars, toxic dust, etc.