Adjust the criteria for ‘Ballon d’Or , take the season

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Ufabet Football Magazine has announced four changes to its Player of the Year selection criteria. “Ballon d’Or” is one of them. Considering the results of the season in Europe Not a calendar year anymore

France Football has been awarding men’s footballers since 1956, before adding the award to women’s players in 2018.

Most recently, France Football’s editor-in-chief Pascal Ferré. has confirmed that The selection criteria for the Player of the Year will be further refined.

“January through December there will be no more. Ballon d’Or It will be based on the European regular season from August to July,” France Football said on Twitter

. Neil Messi beats Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich to receive the award last year.

Such a change in the rules means that the next Ballon d’Or. It will be based on their performance in the 2021-22 season and finish at the Women’s Eurovision in July. The next award ceremony will take place in October,

so the 2022 World Cup in Qatar between July 21 and December 18 will not be taken into account

. Down from 170 to only 100 for male players and 50 for female players.

The first consideration will be based on the personal performance of the players. followed by the team’s performance and ends at fair play while the player’s performance in previous years will not be taken into account.