‘Christensen’ rejected a new contract, but his relationship with Chelsea

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Andreas Christensen has made no comment about his new Chelsea contract, although he insists there are no issues and is enjoying football.

The 25-year-old centre-back is out of contract in the summer and there is no indication that he and Chelsea will find a perfect agreement.

He joined the Blues as a youth and made his debut in 2014 before being loaned out to Borussia Monchengladbach for two years

, returning to Chelsea. C in 2017 and has been part of the first team ever since. However, he has been a starter and a substitute for several seasons.

Yet, under Thomas Tuchel, he was given the opportunity to play continuously in the back three. But with a few remaining contracts, rumors about his future have arisen.

Still, Christensen feels the club still believe in him and ignore the rumours. Even though I don’t know what will happen to his future

“I will not comment on that. Because you know everything that is written in the news,” Christensen told BT.

“I don’t feel that way at all. (The thing about him being underestimated) I feel like I’m well underestimated. I’m happy but I’m not talking about the contract.”

“I’m still happy and enjoying football. I do not know about the contract yet, I do not feel any pressure or anything, I was just a joy to football “

” I do not know why everyone thinks is a bad situation for Chelsea players are. Enjoys football and the coach is confident in him. Not a bad relationship, nothing.”

He is the fourth most played in a Chelsea squad this season in minutes, with only Jorginho, Eduard Mendy and Antonio Rudiger playing more than him

Ristensen also featured in all of the Denmark national team games at the Euros in the summer. And now he has served more than 50 games.