‘Maguire’ reveals ETH emphasized possession of the ball during halftime

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Harry Maguire, Manchester United’s mischievous defender, revealed that manager Eric Ten Hag had instructed them in team talk during halftime to keep possession and control the game more. 

Manchester United won three important points from Bramall Lane last night thanks to a beautiful long-range goal from Diogo Dalot, helping the team overtake Sheffield United 2-1 in the game. 

United Had a hard time controlling the ball, with Maguire revealing this. Ready to confirm that Ten Hag, their team manager He gave them a lot of attention during half-time and came back to do a good job in the second half. “It was a very important win.

The first 20 minutes of the game we didn’t start well. They surprised us with the way they played. But we can adapt. We talked and the manager was aware of it,” Maguire told โปรโมชั่น ufabet after the game. 

“Then we controlled the game from the 30th minute onwards. I thought we did a good first half. Team managers say the same thing. We have to be more subtle and control the game more than we did in the first half. “The second half was good. 

We put on a strong performance and I feel we will score. It was a great winning goal and made it easier for us to play late in the game. Everyone did very well. “I had an amazing time at Sheffield. I was here from 8 years old until I was 20 and played here for three years in the first team. 

The fans have been amazing to me and I have nothing to repay them but the respect I have for everyone at the club . We dominated the game as the game progressed and of course the substitutes who came on helped the team in that regard. Christian came on and did his thing. 

Slow the game down a bit. He made the game seem a lot slower than it was in the frenzied exchange at first.” “ We talked about it seriously at halftime. The team manager said We have things to improve but the most important thing is controlling the game.