“Pedri, Sergi” return to practice to win the field to meet parrots.

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Pedri and Sergi Roberto, two midfielders return to training with Barcelona, ​​are close to recovering, returning to the field again this season.

Barca has been hit by many players with injuries. This also includes Martin Braithwaite, who is out until the end of the season, and Sergio Aguero has a heart problem that requires at least three months to rest

despite the pain that rages on.

“Barca” have received some good news when Pedri and Roberto return to training again.

The duo are in the midst of regaining fitness to help Barca face Espanyol after the international break,

with Pedro recently playing in Lali. Sega this season to just two matches. After being harassed by injury. With recent muscle problems, he has been resting since late September.

The famous Catalan team tried to be careful not to risk Pedry returning to the field. After the previous season, there was a lot of fighting. But now he is close to making a comeback,

while Roberto has just missed the last three games because of a muscle problem as well. But it’s counting down to the return of the army.

It has already been an injury-plagued season for Barca amid a sea of setbacks, including Martin Braithwaite‘s near-season ending injury or Sergio Aguero‘s three-month absence due to a heart issue.According to report from ufabet.