Vinicius praises Sevilla for being quick to deal with racists

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Vinicius Jr. praised Sevilla for immediately removing the racist fan from the stadium and taking legal action against the fan. Vinicius posted the photo on social media .

on social media, revealing a photo of a man making a racist joke towards him. And there was a video clip showing a young football fan showing the same discriminatory behavior towards him. 

After the game, Sevilla issued a statement saying, “The fan in question was identified and taken from the stadium and prosecuted. “ Furthermore, we will enforce the club regulations against him and he will be permanently disqualified from membership,” the statement continued. 

“We strongly condemn any behavior that is discriminatory and racist. In any case, such as in this case And we will cooperate fully to eradicate this attitude. which does not deserve to be a Sevilla fan.

” Vinicius, the victim of this racial discrimination, has come out to express his opinion on the matter, stating that this incident is “the 19th time and it will still happen. Next ” “Congratulations Sevilla for taking a stand and punishing another terrible incident in Spanish football.” “Sadly, I have seen yet another racist image today. This time the only person who did it was a child.” ทางเข้า

 “I am very sad that no one is educating them. I have invested a lot in the education that Brazil provides to the people about the differences.” “Today we can Racism is everywhere on many websites. I just hope that the authorities in Spain will do their part and change the rules once and for all for all of us.”