‘Xavi’ stipulates 10 provisions that teams must comply with

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The Spanish publication has revealed 10 provisions Xavi Hernandez has applied to Barcelona‘s players, including requiring players to come to the club an hour and a half before training and the return of fines.

The club’s legendary midfielder takes over as manager from Ronald Koeman and will face the stonework of turning the club’s tide. The 41-year-old is currently ninth in the La Liga table

to help Barca return to success , Spanish outlet As reported that Xavi has put in place 10 provisions that players must follow without exception.

Having won many trophies with the club during his time as a player and applying some old rules It starts with the time the team should arrive at the club before training.

Under Koeman, players had to arrive at the training ground at least half an hour before training, but in Xabi’s era it had to arrive 90 minutes before training. Staff had to arrive two hours before practice.

The club had let the players decide whether to eat lunch at the training ground or go home to eat, but Xabi insisted all players have a meal together at the training ground.

Diet was also important to Xabi, and he believed that eating the right foods would prevent pain. Including helping to prepare the body for each match.

Rule 4 is to bring the fine again. Which is something that has been missing since Luis Enrique left his position.

For example, if you come to practice late, you will be fined 100 euros. But will continue to double. It means that if the players continue to break the rules, they will face a large fine.

The next rule is about ordering players to go home before midnight in the 48 hours before each game. To make sure everyone is in the best shape to get on the pitch.

The rules came into effect this week and defender Gerard Pique has since canceled a television interview. to focus on football instead

Some risky activities have been banned from touching. The club said that players are not allowed to surf or electric bikes. for fear that it will hurt

If any player has made such a mistake. Will be forwarded to the club’s legal department.

The rest of the rules are a matter of image, with Xavi wanting the players to set a good example, caring for the fans according to the rules. As for the last point, it’s about practicing as much as you’re on the field.

Xabi’s 10 Rules

1. Players must arrive at the training ground one and a half hours before training.

2. Staff must arrive at the training ground 2. Hours before practice

3. Players must have lunch at the training ground

4. Re-apply

fines 5. Fines will be heavier if repeated mistakes are made.

6. Must arrive home before midnight. In the 48 hours prior to the match

7. Practice well to stay on the team.

8. Control non-football-related activities. or risk being supervised by the coaching staff.

9. High-risk activities are prohibited.

10. Must maintain a good image at all times.