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Casemiro takes on new role with Spanish club

Casemiro takes on new role with Spanish club. Manchester United star officially debuts with Spanish 4th division team. Casemiro, a skilled midfielder for Manchester United, debuts with Marbella FC, a Spanish 4th division team, as the club’s director and shareholder. Casemiro said: “It is an honor for

Getafe demands 20 million euros for Mayoral.

Getafe striker Borja Mayoral is a target for Real Betis. But the Betico side have little chance of fulfilling their hopes. Because the Azulon football team set the player price too expensive. Spanish outlet ‘Estadio Deportivo’ reported on Wednesday that. Getafe has set a price

Mingueza believes Celta can avoid relegation.

Oscar Mingueza (left) believes Celta Vigo will survive on the Liga stage this football season. After the change of trainer from Rafael Benitez to Claudio Kiraldez. 24-year-old defender Oscar Mingueza is confident Celta Vigo will survive this season. Even though the famous Vigo team is

Tips for solving life problems

Tips for solving life problems Whenever you find yourself facing problems in life, work, finances, society, etc., don’t just think of a solution yourself. But study for the knowledge and experience of knowledgeable people or people who have encountered the same problem. because of thinking for oneself will

Love of different ages, why are there so many problems?

Love of different ages, why are there so many problems? People will love each other. Age differences are not a problem. Love of different ages can happen. But it is often followed by assorted problems. Although the younger party have reached the age of majority It’s not easy to