‘Steveley’ fully supports to strengthen ‘Howe’ in the new year market

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Newcastle United chief executive Amanda Staveley has confirmed she will give Eddie Howe full support in his pursuit of new recruits. On the January market,

Howe has been appointed as Newcastle’s replacement for Steve Bruce this week, with his first mission. Must lead the team to escape from being relegated. After the team sank to 19th, still not winning anyone.

To meet the goals Staveley, the new management who recently took over the Salika team. To become the club with the richest owners in the world now confirms that it will support Howe in the market fully.

“We are preparing for the January market. It’s actually not a market that we want to invest in. Because you may not get a worthy agreement. But it is important that we do now.”

“It was a very easy decision for us not to buy the club. waiting for after christmas Let’s go through the January trading market first. Let’s take a look at where the club is in the league. Then buy the business.”

“That’s a safe investment. but we didn’t we decided If not do it now it won’t happen We have to take risks.

“We need someone to lead a club that is not afraid of relegation, obviously. He made an amazing impact with Bournemouth. And I think we’re impressed with the fact that He can do everything with very limited resources.”

“It’s very easy to win if you have a lot of money. Very good infrastructure or there are many people But when you are limited by those present His success will really manifest.”